ConnectAbility of MN is a nonprofit organization that was established in 1954. We offer a range of programs to people with disabilities across the state of Minnesota. We do not discriminate based on age and serve individuals young and old. We are governed by a board of directors and we are based in Saint Augusta, Minnesota.

For individuals with disabilities, it may be difficult to access cutting edge technology, a comfortable home, and safe transportation. This can make everyday tasks, like cooking, going to work, and enjoying leisure activities especially challenging. ConnectAbility of MN specializes in providing transportation, making homes accessible, providing access to assistive technology, and more so that individuals with disabilities can live a life free of limitations. We are here to make a difference of the lives of those that need a “hand up.”

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Lyft Program

Learn more about our Lyft program and information as we develop resources for riders, drivers, caregivers, and other organziations.

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Communities Serving

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Why should we Donate to Nonprofits?

There are many reasons to donate and contribute to ConnectAbility MN. Here are some reasons:


  1. Small, charitable donations have a huge impact
  2. Support the needs of the disabled communities
  3. Make a daily impact on an underserved population
  4. Create a better world
  5. Be a champion for the underserved
  6. Lead by example and set an example
  7. Improve society equity, diversity, and inclusion
  8. Tax benefits