We are thrilled to share some exciting news – our team is expanding! Earlier this year, as we evaluated our processes for coordinating waivered services, it became evident that our growth had surpassed our existing systems. 

After extensive brainstorming and planning, we proudly introduced a fresh organizational role: Coordinated Services Support (CSS). We immediately began filling these roles with amazing team members. In fact, you might have already had the chance to interact with one of our CSS team members.

But what exactly does a CSS do? They play a pivotal role in supporting you and your clients by:

– Monitoring incoming referrals and onboarding clients into our system. 

– Maintaining a watchful eye on email correspondence to ensure timely responses. 

– Coordinating with Service Coordinators to streamline the onboarding and vetting process for new partner vendors, thus guaranteeing a reliable network of service providers. 

– Sending timely renewal reminders, safeguarding uninterrupted services as clients transition into their new waiver year. 

– Following up with case managers on service quotes and addressing any questions they might have about the quotes sent for services. 

– Efficiently processing service agreements to ensure prompt activation or adjustment of services. 

– Collaborating closely with case managers to establish billable service agreements that facilitate smooth service provision for clients.

As we look forward, we are excited about the positive impact our expanding CSS team will have on our ability to support you and your clients. The commitment and expertise of our CSS professionals reflect our dedication to delivering outstanding service throughout the entire process. 

Thank you for your continued trust and partnership with ConnectAbility of MN. Together, we are making strides toward enhancing the lives of those we serve.