It’s hard to notice things that aren’t there, but one day I suddenly realized that I hadn’t fallen once all winter! I know winter isn’t over, we’re not even half-way through March, but considering I usually fall at least once a month, this seems reason to celebrate…..and to wonder.

How could my falling possibly change from a monthly occurrence to never? Sure, some of it might be luck, but here are three things I have found to have helped me this season:

1. I have been wearing a carbon-fiber brace, shoe inserts, and tennis shoes as much as possible. This might not be the most stylish form of foot wear, but I have found it to be the most stable. When I wear them, I feel more supported, secure, and balanced.

2. I have been using my accessible parking permit everywhere, all the time, with very few exceptions. I used to only use my parking permit on days when the weather was poor, but I’ve found that it’s best to use it all the time. This insures that less ground needs to be covered, which can help prevent falls, especially when carrying something like a purse or lunch bag.

3. This is the hardest one….I’ve been learning how to ask for help; this can be a source of both humility and blessing. One day I opened my car door, placed my feet on the ground, and realized I was in trouble. The parking lot was an ice rink. I swallowed my pride and asked two beautiful people to escort me to the door. I made it through the day injury free and thankful!

I realize that many of you may already be doing these things and are still falling. My heart goes out to you. There’s always this strange mixture of wanting no one to notice and hoping that someone can immediately offer you the help you need. It feels helpless and unexpected to fall. Your self-control suddenly escapes without asking for permission. Find the courage to pick yourself up in these situations—you’re not alone.