About Us

ConnectAbility of MN provides inclusive events and a wide range of transportation and home-based services to carry out our mission of empowering individuals with physical and invisible barriers to achieve their potential. We work with individuals young and old, from seniors hoping to stay safely in their home to children with special needs or veterans hoping to return to work. 

ConnectAbility of MN collaborates with new and existing partners in a deliberate effort to avoid duplication of services. We utilize existing resources in each community we serve. Our unique approach also supports for-profit businesses and nonprofit organizations. Some of the services we provide include:


  • Collaborative services: county waivered services, insurance reimbursements, care service brokerage 
  • Accessibility: home modifications, education and resources, service coordination 

    Our Vision:

    ConnectAbility of MN empowers people with physical and invisible barriers to achieve their potential.

    Our Mission:

    We partner and create relationships with others to coordinate physical access, communication, and safety services in Minnesota.

    Our Values:

    Be Empowering – Be Empathetic – Be Collaborative – Be Accountable – Be Honest – Be focused on Person before Process – Be Respectful – Be Innovative – Be Inclusive

    Our History

    In 1954, UCP of Central MN was established as a nonprofit organization, providing advocacy and programs for people with Cerebral Palsy in the St. Cloud area. Over the years, the organization grew and so did its services to provide more financial support and community programs for inclusion. In 2017, the organization shifted again. This time it expanded to serve people with any disability and expanded its reach to a wider area in Central Minnesota. In 2020, our mission and purpose outgrew our organization and we voluntary surrounded our charter with United Cerebral Palsy, changed our name, and expanded to serve the entire state of Minnesota. We now serve any person with any disability, of any age, anywhere in Minnesota. We look forward to what our future holds as we carry out our purpose and vision.


    ConnectAbility of MN centers equity as one of its organizational values. Equity to us means that all people; regardless of race, ethnicity, age, gender, sexual orientation, religion, physical or invisible barriers, have equal value and opportunity to participate fully in all dimensions of their lives and reach their potential. That commitment begins inside our own organization. We are open to all conversations and situations that help us to Do Better. Through critical examination of the values, policies, and practices that drive both our internal culture and external engagements, we will strive to propel, rather than impede, progress for the communities we serve.