Technology has increasingly become more and more important in everyday life. Dr. Albert Mehrabian, author of Silent Messages has been quoted often for his work on nonverbal communication. According to Dr. Mehrabian, a whopping 93% of communication today is nonverbal. Completing even a simple task in today’s world can seem nearly impossible without the necessary technology and resources.

At United Cerebral Palsy of Central Minnesota, we want to break those technological barriers by providing new and refurbished computers to children and adults who want to live without limits.

We are able to accomplish this as part of our United Cerebral Palsy EMPOWER program Computers Go Round. Through this program, we provide refurbished computers to over 700 people in need throughout Minnesota. These computers are helping Minnesota children and adults reach their full potential as active members of the digital society; they are able to complete digital tasks like online such as homework, accessing important resources, applying for jobs, connecting with others, and living independently.

Our pricing options for desktops and laptops give those who are otherwise unable to buy a computer new opportunities. The Complete Computer Package is just  $125. Laptops are just $15 more. If you’re not able to pick up your computer we are happy to ship it to you for a small fee.

If you would like to apply for this program, you can easily fill out our online application.If you are unable to access our online application, you may download our application and mail it to or drop it off at our office.


To qualify for our program, you or a family member must have a disability that is recognized by the Americans with Disabilities Act and/or receive state aid based on you or your loved one’s needs and intend to use the computer for employment, education or other self-improvements.

Like many ConnectAbility of MN programs, this program relies on donations from businesses and our community. If you’d like to help, view our program requirements here.