Environmental Home Assessment and Assistive Technology Assessment Referral Form

New Home Modification Referral Temporary Suspension

Due to previous Covid-19 shutdown backlogs and material shortages, subcontractors across the state are still catching up on previous jobs. When referred by case managers, we promptly initiate on-site quotes from dedicated subcontractors, prepare county review quotes and service agreements, and upon billing and remittance of service agreement claims, subcontractors are paid to secure their schedules.

To ensure accuracy in material costs upon project commencement and to be fair to subcontractors, we’re temporarily suspending new home modification referrals.

This pause aims to prevent cost fluctuations and subsequent county returns for increased project funding. This suspension is short-term, with new referrals resuming once projects align responsibly with service agreement execution. Our priority is safeguarding subcontractor expenses, aligning client expectations, and aiding case managers’ project timelines. We value your partnership and eagerly anticipate further support in enabling clients to remain safely and independently at home.

We will continue to offer Environmental Home Assessment and Assistive Technology Assessment services in all Minnesota Counties.