Case Manager Resources

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ConnectAbility of MN is currently providing the following services:

  • Transportation Coordination
  • Lyft Transportation Program
  • Chore Services Coordination
  • Pass-Through Purchasing
  • Assistive Technology
  • Environmental Accessibility Assessments
  • Accessibility Home Modifications
  • Transitional Services
  • CDCS Support Planning
  • Donated Equipment Program
  • Adaptive Equipment Connection Program

We provide services for the following waivers:

  • AC, BI, CAC, CADI, DD, and EW

Services Descriptions: 


Transportation Coordination- T2003

We can coordinate and monitor services for daily, weekly, monthly, or one-time rides using a variety of providers including Metro Bus, community programs, cabs, Tri-CAP, private transportation, and Medi-Van. If we do not have a relationship with providers set up in your area we will create those partnerships.


Chore Services Coordination- S5120, S5110, S5130, S5170

We provide chore services coordination for a large variety of services including but not limited to: lawn care, snow removal, annual yard clean up, roof raking, cleaning, handyman services, and food delivery. We also include billing for occupational therapy, physical therapy, and family therapy in chore services. All of our providers must pass a background check and both state and federal exclusionary lists. They must also provide a W9 form.

We will try to find a local service provider first and do appreciate referrals.


Pass-Through Purchasing-T2029

We can purchase a wide variety of items from a vast number of vendors. We will place the order, follow the shipping through to delivery, confirm delivery with the client, and bill the waiver. If it is a larger item, such as an adaptive bike, we will also arrange for all the docks and delivery for FOB (free on board) items.


Assistive Technology- T2029, S5165, S5162, S5160, S5161

Assistive technology encompasses a very large area of technology from an iPad with special apps to full home automation systems. We can order the device, install programs and apps, and ship directly to the client. If the app requires training, we can arrange that as well. We cover a wide array of assistive technologies, including basic switches and controllers, software, monitors, sensors, locks, and voice automation.


Environmental Accessibility Assessments- T1028

We will schedule an appointment in the home or virtually to conduct a full environmental accessibility assessment of the home. You will receive the comprehensive report within 48 hours of the assessment appointment. Our project coordinators are certified access specialists (CASp) with the state of Minnesota.


Accessibility Home Modifications- S5165

It is our preference to do an environmental accessibility assessment first prior to accessibility home modifications, but it is not required. We are a licensed contractor (Lic # BC766720). We provide two bids, manage the project, hire subcontractors, maintain all paperwork, and keep the lines of communication open between the subcontractors, you, and the client.

All our providers must pass a background check and both state and federal exclusionary lists, be licensed and insured and provide a W9 form. 

We will try to find a local service provider first and do appreciate referrals.

For more information, please ask us about our thorough informational packet that guides you through the process and our services.


Transitional Services- T2038, T2038.U1, T2038.U2

Transitional Services cover:

  • Essential furniture (e.g., bed frame, box spring, mattress, dining table and chairs, dressers, lamps, and sofas)
  • Household supplies (e.g., cleaning supplies, dishes, drinking glasses, flatware, pots and pans, sheets, towels)
  • Lease or rental deposits
  • Moving expenses (e.g., moving vehicle rental, packing, and unpacking)
  • Pest and allergen treatment of the home



-Patient Responsibility 

We do monitor and invoice clients for Patient Responsibilities/Spenddown from MN DHS. We will send you a copy of the invoice that is mailed to your client. We have a payment portal available for the client on our website, and they can mail a check or call the office with a credit card.


-Alternative Billing 

We bill the MN DHS waivers as well as pre-authorized private insurance, straight MA, and private pay. We can assist in billing CDCS.


-Donated Items Available 

We often receive donated equipment that has been outgrown or is no longer needed.  We make sure it is in good working order and make it available for free to any family in need. No paperwork needed. The items we have available changes weekly, please check our Donated items page.