A great day of meeting face-to-face, sharing lunch, and ending the day with a team building train ride in Duluth. Now that sounds like a great day!   

That is the very day our Chore Services Team had this past month. 

Our North office and Central office team came together at our DUluth office to collaborate on defining processes for all of Chore Servies Departments: On Going Services, One Time Servies, and Transitional Services. You might be surprised how often these three departments work together for a single client’s success. 

After a lot of brainstorming and developing process sessions, they enjoyed lunch, followed by a great ride on North Shore Scenic Railroad.  It was great to have the team together in person with their Director and recently promoted Chore Services Lead, McKenna. 

There is a lot of value in having in-person meetings and getting to know your team as people and not just as team members. ConnectAbility of MN strives to be person first (before process) and that goes for our team as well. We all share a common purpose, and all have the ConnectAbility of MN Mission and Values in our hearts. 

It is a great day when we can do good work and make great memories.