ConnectAbility of MN can coordinate your transportation needs on a daily, weekly, monthly, or single-need ride basis from a variety of transportation providers. We partner with over 30 transportation vendors and are continuously working to grow those partnerships. Transportation services we currently partner with include:

  • Public Transportation

  • Private Transportation

  • Wheelchair Accessible

  • Transportation Taxi/Cab Services

  • One time or repeat Transportation

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Our Transportation Services





We can purchase monthly bus passes and send them to you.


We can arrange daily, weekly, monthly, and single-time cab/taxi rides.

Working with county case managers, we can apply funds to your Lyft Pass account on the Lyft app to allow you to control your own transportation needs.

We can arrange one-time or ongoing specialty need rides with a variety of providers. 

How to Utilize Our Services

Our Transportation Specialist works with your case manager on your transportation needs. ConnectAbility of MN can coordinate and monitor daily Taxi/Cab rides to pick you up for work every day, arrange bus passes for public transportation, or arrange specialty transportation as needed.

Our process is simple. Your case manager sends ConnectAbility of MN a referral form. We coordinate and monitor the transportation services. ConnectAbility of MN  receives invoices for the services provided. ConnectAbility of MN will then bill your county waiver. All of our services can also be billed on private insurance or a private pay option.

ConnectAbility of MN puts you and your needs first. If you have any issues or concerns with transportation or billing, we are happy to work with you to find a solution.

For more information, please email