Covid-19 has sure changed how ConnectAbility of MN of Central MN looks right now, but not how we function.  All services are 100% uninterrupted.

Here is what looks different.  We scrambled, but successfully got all staff Working-From-Home (WFH) in HIPPA compliance.  We set up an instant group communication with the team.  The office is manned everyday so calls are being answered and directed.  Case managers, clients and providers have been in contact with staff.

Staff.  They have been amazing.  They have not missed a beat, adapting to changes everyday.

Providers have worked with us for uninterrupted service.

We have been working hard to find resource funding to help us during this pandemic.  We have been educating ourselves on how to stay safe and how to keep our loved ones safe.  We have learned how navigate the flood of information out there, that also changes hourly.  Our governments have been great and working fast and hard to find financial relief for all businesses and non profits.

Our Clients and Case Managers have been amazing at communication.  Our volunteer board of directors have been amazing at helping us navigate this situation.

We have learned that we at ConnectAbility of MN can learn quickly, adapt to changing tides hourly, have grown as a work family in support of each other and the personal loads we each are carrying during this time of Shelter in Place.

I am so proud of what we have done as strong unit, for each other, for our mission, for our clients, for our partner organizations, for our case manager, for our providers.

As hard as these times are, it harder for our clients.  Harder to navigate all the information, forms, options.  More hazardous for our clients health and their direct care givers.  Harder to secure needed supplies. ConnectAbility of MN here to help in any way we can.  Our staff stands ready with open hearts to help.