Donated Items

We are very fortunate at ConnectAbility of MN. We often receive donated equipment that has been outgrown or is no longer needed by the family. Staying true to our purpose of empowering people with physical and invisible barriers to achieve their potential, we donate those items right back to families that need them at no cost and with no paperwork. 

 If you would like to donate items, we simply ask that they be clean and in good and safe working order. We cannot accept soft items (such as mattresses and specialty bedding), vehicles, or non-functioning chairs and scooters.  

If you would benefit from receiving any of these donated items, please call the office to arrange an appointment and then come in and make sure the equipment fits you before you take it home. It’s that easy.

The inventory of items we have available changes weekly. We recommend you check this page frequently or let us know if you have a special need. 

Our contact is or 320-253-0765. 


*Please note: we do not provide warranties and we cannot be held liable for any injury resulting from donated equipment. 

Child Size Wheel Chair

Customize power wheel chair with 2 batteries. Oxygen tank holder mounted on back.

Mulholland  Sit Stand 

Child size with removable tray

Dell Laptop computer

Donated by Computer Majik

Adjustable knee brace

Elbow brace

Man’s back brace

Woman’s back brace

Z-Flo Fluid Position pads and covers

Weighted rehab bowling pins

donated by  SPOT Rehabilitation

Standing climber

donated by  SPOT Rehabilitation

We have a person that would like to donate the mini van they used for his mother.  It has been custom fitted with a rear entry wheelchair ramp.  The van runs, but needs some maintenance.

This is a free donation, recipient must pay license, title transfer and sales tax.  The van is a donation to a family in need.  The son will be in MN for 2 months July-September.

Pull down bar

donated by  SPOT Rehabilitation

Adult cane

donated by  SPOT Rehabilitation

1 pair adult forearm crutches

1 pair child forearm crutches

donated by  SPOT Rehabilitation

Adult walker

donated by  SPOT Rehabilitation


 donated in memory of Jason

Shampoo and Conditioner

Inflatable  postioning pillows

 memory of Jason

Laptop Computer

Donated by Computer Majik


donated in memory of Jason

Rifton Stander-adult size

donated in memory of Jason


donated in memory of Jason

Dell Inspiration la top computer


 donated in memory of Jason

 2 Ceiling track systems.  Does need a recharged battery unit Donated in memory of Jason

WInd Barrier to be attached to a

wheel chair

donated in memory of Jason

Hoyer Travel Lift

 donated in memory of Jason

Adult electric wheel chair


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