Jessica Neal knew that she was going to adopt Emmanuel from the moment she met him in Liberia more than two years ago.

After a long adoption process, Jessica and her husband, Jason, brought Emmanuel home to Minnesota. He became the 11th member of a close-knit family. He joined a family that includes Kira (18), Dayton (17), Cory (22), Titus (13), Miriam (12), Malachi (12), Ruth (11) and Josie (5).

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Emmanuel has had to face many health obstacles since he’s arrived in the United States. He has cerebral palsy and epilepsy, is nonverbal and also suffers from microcephaly, which causes his skull to remain undersized.

The Neals have partnered with United Cerebral Palsy of Central Minnesota to help Emmanuel with his wheelchair, in particular. ConnectAbility of MN helped build a ramp for Emmanuel so it’s easier for him to get into the house every day and over the steps.

United Cerebral Palsy of Central Minnesota is looking forward to working with the Neals and Emmanuel in the future.

The Neals don’t view Emmanuel’s health problems as an obstacle and are always looking for solutions to help solve anything that might pop up. The ramp is just a minor thing that United Cerebral Palsy can help with.

Emmanuel, who always has a smile on his face, is also receiving treatment on his legs that could help him walk in the future. He is living a life without limits more and more every day.

The family has created a Facebook page to follow Emmanuel’s progress called Chronicles of Emmanuel. You can visit the page here

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