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Free Equipment Donated to the Community by ConnectAbility of MN

Why does your donation matter?


ConnectAbility of MN has helped thousands of people in our community, yet there is so much more to do.  

Some people are born with disabilities and others become disabled during their life.  No matter the circumstances, there are more new people that need help from ConnectAbility of MN every day.  

Please give a life-changing gift today. Your contribution will be used wisely to support all people with disabilities of all ages and their families.

Are there other ways to donate?


Yes. We also appreciate donations in-kind for services and needed office products or areas of service that allow us to grow to serve more people. To learn more about how you can provide an in-kind donation please send a message to

You can also purchase items from our Amazon Wish List. These items will help our team better serve the community.

Smiling woman in electric wheelchair relaxing on deck

Your gift allows ConnectAbility of MN to sustain and grow programs and services that support people with physical and invisible barriers to achieve their potential.