There are many reasons you might want to partner with ConnectAbility of MN, including reputation and brand recognition. When you put your name alongside a respected organization like ours, you build goodwill for your company. This means that both customers and employees will become more loyal. Here are a few of the benefits:


  • Helping a non profit
  • Helping impact the community for better
  • Help disabled people in need
  • Increase employee engagement, morale, and retention
  • Increase customer and brand loyalty
  • Draw media attention and coverage for free
  • Provide a motivating purpose for the company and employees
  • Increase shareholder return
  • Receive a tax donation for contributions


How can you partner with ConnectAbility of MN?

Offer a company dollar-for-dollar match with your employees for payroll donations

Do an annual fundraising dollar-for-dollar match to employee and community donations

Make us your annual cause during your fundraising cycle

Make one of our annual events your company’s Day of Volunteering

Offer company match for grant funds

Offer your services as a donation

Provide products to be used in the office or as part of events or fundraisers


To talk to someone about how to be a ConnectAbility of MN community partner, please email the Executive Director at



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