Young girl in wheelchair on garden path with other young girl leaning beside her

All over the world and in your own communities so many lives are positively impacted by the work nonprofits perform. Whether you’re a student or already working in your career of choice, donating your time as a volunteer has numerous benefits, both to you and the organization.

When you choose a nonprofit to volunteer for, you’re going to select a cause you care about. The time and work you put into it can go a long way and have a huge positive impact on the lives of others and your future. Volunteering makes you feel good because the work you’re doing is meaningful. Even volunteering for a few hours a week can provide a big self-esteem boost and contribute to feelings of well-being.

At ConnectAbility of MN we need volunteers for the following:

  • In the office to help promote events and programs
  • On our Board of Directors to help lead the way to our future success
  • On ad hoc committees to plan and run fundraisers and community events

We understand, respect, and appreciate the time our volunteers dedicate to our organization and the clients we serve. Our volunteer opportunities can be a few hours a month to a few hours per week. Perhaps you’d like to volunteer during the planning of an annual event or you’d prefer long-term volunteer work on our Board of Directors. We can find a spot for you to fit the time you have to gift.

To find more information on how to get involved and make a difference, email Hello@ConnectAbilityMN.org and we will be excited to meet you!