Maddie was born with cerebral palsy. However, she never let it affect who she has become as an adult.


Maddie just graduated from St. Cloud Apollo High School and participated in volleyball and track and field during her high school career, but what many people didn’t know was that she overcame a lot as a toddler to be able to play sports and participate in other activities.

She had to go through extensive physical therapy starting not long after she was born. She was born with loose ligaments in her legs and had to strengthen her muscles in her legs. She wore leg braces and didn’t start walking until after the age of 2. Doctors initially told her parents that she wouldn’t be able to walk at all.

“It was a big moment when I walked,” Maddie says. “My mom never listened to them and always made sure I went to physical therapy. It paid off.”

Her eyesight was also compromised because of cerebral palsy and her visual tracking was different from other people because of it. But once she started walking, cerebral palsy almost became an afterthought.

Having cerebral palsy has always motivated Maddie to try things nobody thought she could do. She’s headed to Minnesota State-Mankato in the fall to start her college career.

In the meantime, she’s working at United Cerebral Palsy of Central Minnesota this summer. Working for the organization that helps anyone with disabilities is something Maddie doesn’t take lightly.

“They help so many people, and not just people with CP,” Maddie said. “They give out grants, money, and equipment to help people in need. It’s such a great organization because they help anybody who needs it.”

For more than 60 years, ConnectAbility of MN of Central Minnesota has empowered people living with a silent or physical disability to live a life without limits. ConnectAbility of MN with all disabilities, not just cerebral palsy.

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