Lyft Q&A

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We want you to be able to safely take rides with Lyft.

Listed below are commonly asked questions about Lyft passes.

If you have a question not listed, please call 320-253-0765 or email

To submit a Lyft support request please Click Here.

Why isn’t my Lyft pass working?

1. Does your personal payment method have a minimum balance of $25?

No– once the personal payment method has been replenished to at least a $25 balance, the Lyft pass will work.

Yes– log out of your app completely and log back in (you will get a code to enter):

– Main Menu/Settings/Logout.

2. Check to see the funds remaining on the Lyft pass.

3. Check to see if the service agreement has expired. If it has, please reach out to your case manager.

Why can’t I add a payment method?

Is your payment method a credit card, debit card, prepaid credit or debit card, a bank checking account, Apple Pay, Google Pay, PayPal, or Venmo?

If you answered yes: uninstall and reinstall the app.

If you answered no: contact Lyft Help directly on the app.

I lost my phone and got a new one. How do I get my account back on my app? 

  1. Load the app 
  2. Click on the words “Changed your number? Find your account” 
  3. Enter your email address 
  4. Check your email for an activation prompt 
  5. It returns you to the app 
  6. Enter your old or new phone number 
  7. A text will be sent with a validation code 
  8. Enter the code 
  9. The app opens in your account 

I need to file a complaint, who do I contact? 

  1. Using the Lyft app, if a passenger rates a driver 3 stars or less, they will never be matched with that driver again.
  2. If a passenger rates a driver 2 stars or less there is an automated ticket sent to Lyft support for review.  
  3. You, a guardian, or someone else can submit a ticket through the app: Main Menu/Help or Click Here.

What do I do if my driver asks for money?

Asking a rider for money violates the Lyft community guidelines. Please put in a ticket Here.

However, if the rider chooses to tip the driver in cash, that is accepted.

What do I do if I don’t want a specific driver?

  1. Rate only 3 stars- and you will not be matched with that driver again; If a passenger rates a driver 2 stars or less there is an automated ticket sent to Lyft support for review.
  2.  IN App- the rider can go into their Lyft account and request not to have the same driver again. 

What do I do if I cancel a ride and the driver still shows up?

Did you cancel the ride in the app or call the driver? 

If you called the driver, you still need to cancel in the app. There will be a cancellation fee. 

What do I do if I didn’t get an email from ConnectAbility of MN?

Check spam/email that comes from transportation with the subject ConnectAbility of MN Welcome or Lyft next steps. 

Is Lyft wheelchair accessible?

Unfortunately, at this time Lyft does not offer accessible vehicle options in MN despite the toggle option in the app

We do have other providers we can coordinate rides through. Click Here and it will take you directly to the transportation referral form on our website.

Can the rider go out of state?

There is no restriction on where a rider can go as long as funds are available, and Lyft is an offered service in that area.

Can I get a refund when Lyft pass could not be used? 

Unfortunately, ConnectAbility of MN will not be able to reimburse any funds that were used by the rider’s personal payment method as a result of funds not being available.    

Does Lyft allow service animals?

Below is a link to Lyft’s Service Animal Policy detailing accommodations for riders with service animals.   

Lyft Rider Policies: .

Are Lyft gift cards available?

Yes, Lyft has gift cards available, but ConnectAbility of MN is unaware of how they can be used for clients on Lyft passes.  

How does private pay work?

If a person pays out of pocket, they’d be able to download the app, apply their payment method and be good to go for taking rides without an administration fee charged.  This would be entirely on their own. 

Here are a couple of links they can review to see how it works: 

Can someone come with me on my Lyft ride?

Yes. A rider can have as many people as the driver has seatbelts.

What is the average cost of Lyft rides?

The cost of rides varies. It depends on the time of day, peak hours, how many drivers are in the area, etc.

I already have a Lyft account, do I need to create a new one?

No. The Lyft Pass funds will be shared with your Lyft account with the phone number that is connected to your account.

What happens if my account gets hacked and funds are used? 

ConnectAbility of MN only manages the Lyft Pass, not the Lyft app. Notify ConnectAbility of MN and the Pass will get shut off immediately.

If there are any charges already incurred, you will need to contact Lyft Help directly through the app.

Why do I have to add a personal payment method of my own?

Lyft Pass funds can only be applied to the cost of the ride.

Other items such as tipping your driver, no-show fees, cancellation fees, etc. are the responsibility of the rider.

What are the age restrictions on riders with Lyft?

Unaccompanied minors are prohibited from traveling with Lyft. 

A passenger must be 18 to sign-up for a Lyft account. If a driver believes a passenger may be under 18, the driver may ask the passenger to confirm their age.

There are no drivers available in my area. What do I do?

If there are no drivers in your area on a consistent basis, you and ConnectAbility of MN will need to look into alternative transportation options. 

Can a rider submit documentation to allow for a longer wait time to board the vehicle?

Riders with a disability who need more time to board a vehicle, or those who frequently accompany riders with disabilities who need more time to board a vehicle can request a refund or submit a waiver for wait time fees if their disability impacts their ability to board a vehicle within 2 minutes of the driver’s arrival at the pickup location.

How do I change the default tips?

You can choose a percentage or dollar amount as the default tip for every ride.

Tap ‘Set default tip’ in your ‘Settings’ menu to get started. You can change or remove your default tip at any time.

If you choose a percentage tip as your default, a minimum of $1 will apply to all rides.

This feature is currently only available for iOS users.

Is there another way to verify my identity?