ConnectAbility of MN offers the opportunity to get a ride from Lyft using your waiver or grant funds for payment. 

  • The app is easy to download and use
  • Ability to schedule your own rides
  • Ride cost is covered on your waiver or grant

Call 320.253.0765 or email to learn more about getting signed up with ConnectAbility of MN for your rides from Lyft.

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Lyft Rider Trainer Program

We want to ensure the safety and confidence of those who ride with Lyft. Through the Rider Training Program for riders, one-on-one instruction will be provided on how to take rides with Lyft safely.  

This is a great experience for the trainer and the rider to meet someone new, share knowledge and be part of the success of the program.  You can train as many or as few as you like.

 What is involved for the trainer:

  • Each volunteer goes through virtual training with ConnectAbility of MN
  • Meet the rider at their location of choice
  • Assist riders with the Lyft app, how to schedule a ride, ride with them, and schedule a return ride.  We pay a stipend of $25 per training.

How to Become a Lyft Ride Trainer

Many people in need of rides require some assistance in learning how to use Lyft. Trainers are needed to help these riders to use Lyft independently and safely. This experience benefits both the rider who is learning important new safety skills and the trainer providing a helping hand to fill a community need.

This site includes the resources for you to apply with us to become a successful Ride Trainer in your community.

Here are the tasks involved for Ride Trainers:

1. Complete the application and other required materials:

2. Review all the training materials and complete a knowledge quiz.

3. Be matched with people in your area in need of ride training

4. Meet the rider to perform the training at their location of choice.

5. Prepare a checklist of tasks completed with the rider.

Lyft Rider Trainer Program

Lyft Rider Safety

Lyft: How to be a Rider

Lyft Rider Information

You can have control of your own rides and schedule with your waiver or a grant to pay for the rides. Download and use the Lyft Ride app to request a publicly available driver for your ride. 

If you use the Lyft App for a public driver, they will pick you up and bring you to your destination without any special arrangements.

Lyft: How to be a Rider

Rider Safety

Become a Lyft Driver

As a driver with Lyft, you can be part of the solution to the transportation crisis in MN. ANYONE can be a Lyft driver and be of help to those in your own community. Being a driver with Lyft means you get to control who and when you choose to give someone a ride. The people using this service are your own neighbors.

The rides you provide allow people in your community the opportunity to have a safe and consistent ride that otherwise would not be available to them.

When you are a driver for Lyft:

  • You can choose to be a generic driver and pick up anyone in need of a ride.
  • You get to make extra income doing something that makes a LIFE CHANGING difference to someone else.

The rides you will be providing will be allowing people in your community the opportunity to have a safe and consistent ride to a job, the store, or a doctor’s visit that otherwise would not be available to them.

Solving the Transportation Crisis

The lack of transportation in the rural areas of Minnesota is causing a transportation crisis. Hundreds of friends and neighbors have little or no transportation options, either public or taxi services. Many cannot or choose not to drive and are left without basic needs such as having reliable access to food, getting to medical appointments, visiting friends or relatives, or even the ability to secure a job. Lacking transportation, they are unable to be productive and engaged members of their own communities.  

Our Solution

Create a network of drivers for riders

We are working with other organizations to develop Lyft driver networks throughout rural MN. This pioneering effort brings a solution to the transportation crisis. We are looking to provide opportunities for rides from Lyft to neighborhoods that may be seeing this service for the first time. As a driver with Lyft, you can be part of solving this crisis. Making connections to build a network of drivers using Lyft will bring rides to the people who need them.  

Become a Part of the Solution

We have created a training presentation to walk you through the process of signing up with Lyft. You will then be free to engage with riders the way you want to:

  • Being available for anyone
  • Or as a part-time job, making an average of 70% of the fare

We are bringing this opportunity to social service organizations, county case managers, and word of mouth to build and grow this new program.

You can help us spread the word. Tell your friends and neighbors. People are willing to serve and there are so many that need help. Be a driver for this great program that will change lives. 

Sign-Up to be a Driver with Lyft: 

Click Here to Sign-Up

You will need to provide the following information:

  • Car make, model, year, and color
  • Insurance and policy number
  • Bank account information (to be paid)
  • Social security number for a background check

How to be a Lyft Driver

Care Giver/Case Manager Information



Before taking rides with Lyft, there are safety procedures the rider must be able to follow, such as:

  • Seeing how much is left on their monthly allowance
  • Knowing the car that will pick them up
  • Knowing the driver’s name
  • How the rider can follow the route the driver is taking using the app
  • How to share the route so the caregiver can also follow the route taken in real-time.

Lyft Care Giver Information