Get to know the team that coordinates home-based services to ensure that your clients are able to safely stay in their homes.

McKenna- Chore Services Lead 

McKenna enjoys taking her daughter to the Great Lakes Aquarium. She also enjoys watching the Minnesota Wild and relaxing at home with her family. 

Diane- Services Coordinator: Chore and Team Lead (North Office) 

Diane enjoys watching hockey, hiking, fishing, and spending time with her family. She has two small dogs, three cats, a beta fish, and a seven-year-old Mexican red knee tarantula named Agnes. 

Charmere- Services Coordinator: Chore 

Charmere enjoys fishing with her son, doing projects with her kids, bowling, and swimming. She is ambidextrous and is the 3rd out of 11 kids!

Cindy- Services Coordinator: Transitional Services 

For Cindy, winter equals hockey. She houses hockey players September through April. Cindy roller skates every week. She also enjoys reading and quilting.