Photo Credit: Michael Vanko

Pass-Through Purchase and AT Assessments for DD (Developmental Disabilities) waivers are now moving quickly. 

We have received the exciting news that MN DHS (Department of Human Services), as part of Waiver Reimagined, has rolled out the new process for T2029 billing. 

Starting July 1st, all Assistive Technology items (T2029.UB) and Assistive Technology Assessments (T2029.UD) for DD waivers will no longer be automatically suspended for review.

We have already adjusted for these changes in our billing process. We are hoping that it is just a sneak peek for all T2029 billed items. Currently, MN DHS can and does suspend most T2029 claims for review. This review process can be between 2 weeks to 90 days (about 3 months) before they remit if they will process the claim or deny the claim. 

Our Pass-Through Purchasing Department is staying current with all claims and purchases. This is an improvement in our services due to more stability in team members.  

We do have a team member that is certified to perform Assistive Technology Assessments. We offer purchasing, training, and installation.