Hello, my name is Sharon Haggard, and I am the new AND first Service Coordinator – Support Planning at ConnectAbility of MN. I joined the ConnectAbility of MN Team in April of 2023 and immediately focused on HSS and Transitional Services to better understand options and resources available through MN DHS.  

For those who don’t know or are unfamiliar, Support Planning is an option that helps the clients that want more input in their funding process and helps alleviate the planning and budgeting portion of providing case management for clients. 

Support Planning is a new service offered by ConnectAbility of MN and I am excited to get started. This means I have openings in my case load. As with anything new, we will be working to continually improve our systems and adding to the list of resources we can use to help develop person centered plans and budgets to be proposed to you, the case managers. 

I have completed all the required courses and am Certified through MN DHS to provide this service. I will be joining a state-wide Support Planning network group and continue to take further education opportunities to hon my skills and widen my resource knowledge base. 

Prior to starting at ConnectAbility of MN, I’ve had a full career in serving individuals in a variety of fields. My experiences encompass teleservices, Information Technology with a focus on the end-user, as well as running my own business, and Property Management with a focus on the customer. 

I look forward to developing Support Plans for individuals by using my skills which encompass many fields, all with a focus on the individual client’s needs. 

Please call 320-253-0765 if you have any questions.