What is it? 

ConnectAbility of MN uses the HCPCS Code T2029.NU for pass-through purchases. Per the DHS website, pass-through purchases are used to buy specialized medical equipment, not otherwise specified. Assistive technology/equipment includes the rental or purchase of an assistive device or software, maintenance and repair of the assistive device and training and evaluation about the product. 

What items can clients purchase? 

Bed canopy, tablet with a case, adaptive bike, specialized blinds, assisted technology items, sensory items, swing, smart watch, mobility scooter, iPad with case, air conditioner, air purifier, hammock, dumbbells, car hitch for wheelchair, desktop magnifier, stroller, adaptive equipment, wheelchair joystick, communication devise, iPad stand, or a monitoring subscription. 

What can I and/or my client expect? 

ConnectAbility of MN will provide a quote within 5 business days if information is provided upfront. If not, we will work with you and your client to provide a viable solution. Due to the complexity and variety of referrals, a timeline is meaningless. 

Once an approved service agreement is received that matches the quote, ConnectAbility of MN will submit a claim to DHS (Minnesota Department of Human Services). Please note that the HCPCS code T2029 has a mandatory suspension from two weeks up to ninety days. 

To plan for the extended delay, ConnectAbility of MN advises ordering spring and summer items the previous fall to ensure your client will be able to enjoy the product(s) purchased. 

Learn more on our website: https://connectabilitymn.org/those-we-serve/pass-through-purchasing/