ConnectAbility of MN has a Connect Program called Reset Connection. Reset Connection was created to help the caregiver. Individuals have secured respite services for their loved ones, but what about the caregiver? Reset Connection is here to help make your time away more enjoyable.

ConnectAbility of MN partners with local restaurants, hotels, and entertainment providers to secure donated gift cards for the caregiver to use while they rest, refresh and re-energize. All services and gift cards are provided at no charge.

Just recently we received an application from Michael. Michael is the primary caregiver for his 92-year-old mother who has advanced dementia.

He needed respite because he is so involved in the care of his mother that he hardly ever gets time to step away. He has a skilled nurse come out a few times a week and he has a couple of hours of homecare throughout the week, but otherwise, he is the main caregiver.

ConnectAbility of MN provided a gift card to Michael. Michael was provided a gift card so he could spend two nights away so he could refresh and rest.

The Reset Connection Program is a way for us to give back to those that are providing direct care services for the ones they love. 

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