Our Chore team has worked hard to get season change information out to all our vendors. We have verified clients and prices for our current onboarded vendors and are always actively working on the referrals we continue to get in needing these services!  

Our vendors work off a 2” trigger for snow removal. Our vendors have up to 24 hours AFTER the snow has STOPPED falling to clear the snow but keep in mind that with big snowfalls, they may have to come more than one time! Our vendors are also asked to clear a driveway if there is one, any marked walkways, and at least 2 exits to the home. We also ask them to clear any city sidewalks and ramps if applicable.   

We ask that case managers remind their clients to give us a call if they notice the vendor has not met the above criteria so that we can get it resolved as quickly as possible for the client! If anything extra is needed that was not included in the bid or with the above criteria, please reach out to us on the chore team so we can help coordinate those needs! 

We are actively working on securing new snow vendors all over the state for those clients that do not have one in their area/their old vendor is unable to provide this season. We ask that if you have any clients that are hoping to get snow removal to get us those referrals as soon as possible as our vendors routes fill up fast and long before the snow starts falling so it can be very difficult for our chore team to secure a vendor for a client that gets referred to us after the snow starts!