Support Planning

ConnectAbility of MN has been serving waivered clients since 2017, and we are very excited to announce that we are now offering Support Planning services.

What is CDCS (Consumer-Directed Community Supports) Support Planning? 

CDCS is a service option available to people on home and community-based services (HCBS) waivers and the Alternative Care (AC) program.

CDCS gives a person flexibility in service planning and responsibility for self-directing their services, including hiring, and managing support workers. CDCS may include traditional services and goods, as well as self-designed services. 

What is the role of the Support Planner? 

The Support Planner will assist the client in creating a person-centered CDCS Community Support Plan (CSP). The Support Planner can also assist in finding a Fiscal Management Service, identify and help retain services and supports, help to identify and overcome barriers within the plan, as well as monitor the plan, and create revisions/adjustments.

The tasks the Support Planner performs for a given individual are determined by that individual.

What rate does ConnectAbility of MN charge? 

Our rate is $65 an hour.

If you are interested in receiving Support Planning services, please click the button below: