Assistive Technology

Assistive technology can be anything low-tech or high-tech, modified or adaptive, which is used to help individuals perform specific tasks of daily living.

The term “assistive technology” encompasses a broad range of items, including devices (computer/laptop, tablets, iPads, AAC devices), software (text-to-speech, voice recognition, magnification, screen reading), built-in accessibility features in everyday technology, adjustable furniture, adaptive keyboards and mice, adapted writing tools, walking assistance, environmental controls, eye gaze, switches, and so much more. 

We provide a wide variety of assistive technology in three primary areas:

  • Safety
  • Communication
  • Automation

At ConnectAbility of MN, we can provide, install, program, and train the user and caregiver on how to use the technology.

All of our services can be billed via county waiver, private insurance, or another private pay option.




We can design components or full systems to provide a safe environment for each individual’s need. This could include door and window alarms, motion sensors, GPS tracking watches, personal emergency devices, two-way audio and remote monitoring, and bed pads that detect moisture and motion in a bed to help determine if the individual has gotten out of bed.



Devices like iPads are able to utilize a wide array of helpful apps, such as eye gaze, Dragon® Speech, and text-to-speech. Specialty products such as custom-programmed smart speakers can connect to different devices and voice descriptions of nearby surroundings to increase independence for individuals with various physical limitations.



Home automation can make a huge impact on a person’s life in their own home. Switches to convert traditional items to accessible items are available for a variety of products including voice-controlled appliances, motion sensors to open and close doors, smart switches to turn on and off lights via a mobile device or through voice commands, and sensors to turn the water faucet on or off based on pre-set temperatures.