Accessibility Home Modification

July 2023- Home Modification Referrals Suspended

ConnectAbility of MN currently has just over 100 home modifications in process across 62 counties in MN. Our subcontractors are still catching up with the backlog of Covid-19 shutdowns and material shortages. We are not finding a lack of materials this summer, however, the number of projects that need to be completed is still extremely high.  

When we receive a referral from a case manager, we get started right away with getting onsite quotes from our dedicated subcontractors. We prepare quotes for the counties for their review and service agreements. Once the service agreement claims have been billed and remitted, we make a payment to the subcontractor to get on their schedules.  

With the number of projects we are currently managing we have made the decision to suspend new referrals for home modifications. The reason for this is that material costs will still be accurate by the time the project starts. The market is still very volatile regarding the pricing fluctuations of the cost of construction materials and to be fair to the subcontractors and avoid having to come back to the county for an increase in the project due to material costs when the project begins.  

This is only a limited-time suspension of Home Modification referral forms. When we see the projects starting within a responsible amount of time from the time the service agreement is executed, we will start accepting new referrals. We expect this temporary situation only to be for a few months.  

We want to make sure that we are protecting our subcontractor’s costs, managing the expectations of the clients, and helping manage the timeline for the case managers’ project management. 

We appreciate your partnership and look forward to continuing to assist your clients in staying in their own homes safely and independently.

How does an accessibility home modification differ from a home remodel? The purpose of the accessibility home modification is to provide an accessible and safe environment while you are in your home.

Accessibility home modifications ensure that you are safe while you take care of your basic needs within your home.

These modifications are not home repairs or new appliance installations. Rather, these modifications help you to feel safe in your home while also being independent.

An accessibility home modification can be the difference you need to safely stay in your home for years to come. These projects can include installing:


  • Exterior ramps and interior threshold ramps
  • Grab bars
  • Walk-in/roll-in showers
  • Walk-in/roll-in tubs
  • Elevators– vertical elevators and step elevators
  • Stairlifts
  • Ceiling-
  • mounted track systems
  • Roll-under sinks/vanity

The existing space may need to be reconfigured for better mobility, and doorways and hallways may need to be widened to allow for better accessibility.

To ensure your safety, all the professionals we hire to perform the work in your home must pass several checks (state and federal background and exclusion) and be HIPPA compliant. They must also be licensed and insured and provide a W9.

To begin the process, your case manager or provider completes and submit a referral form to ConnectAbility of MN and we will schedule appointments to meet with you and your case manager. Though we prefer to conduct an environmental home assessment as the first step, it is not required. 

All of our services are available to be billed on private insurance as well as a private pay option.