Rider Program 


ConnectAbility of MN offers the opportunity to get a ride from Lyft using your waiver or grant funds for payment.  

  • The app is easy to download and use 
  • Ability to schedule your own rides 
  • Ride cost is covered on your waiver or grant 

Call or learn more about getting signed up with ConnectAbility of MN for your rides from Lyft. 320.253.0765 






You can have control of your own rides and schedule with your waiver or a grant to pay for the rides. Download and use the Lyft Ride app to request a publicly available driver for your ride. 







If you use the Lyft App for a public driver, they will pick you up and bring you to your destination without any special arrangements.




  1. ConnectAbility of MN Release of Information and Consent Form
  2. ConnectAbility of MN Eligibility, Participation Requirements, Risks Form
  3. 2022 Case Manager’s referral form for Lyft


Please watch the two videos.  One is how to set up the Lyft app, the other is how to safely use Lyft as a rider.

















We want to ensure the safety and confidence of those who ride with Lyft. Through the Rider Training Program for riders, one-on-one instruction, will be provided on how to take rides with Lyft safely.  








This is a great experience for the trainer and the rider to meet someone new, share knowledge and be part of the success of the program.  You can train as many or few as you like.








 What is involved for the trainer:








  • Each volunteer go through a virtual training with ConnectAbility of MN
  • Meet the rider at their location of choice
  • Assist rider with Lyft app, how to schedule a ride, ride with them, schedule a return ride.  We pay a stipend of $25 per training.










  1. Volunteer Trainer Application
  2. Pass a background check
  3. Complete Volunteer Trainer training virtually.









Before taking rides with Lyft, there are safety procedures the rider must be able to follow, such as:  

  • Seeing how much is left on their monthly allowance 
  • Knowing the car that will pick them up 
  • Knowing the driver’s name 
  • How the rider can follow the route the driver is taking using the app 
  • How to share the route so the caregiver can also follow the route taken in real time 

**Case Mangers here is the REFERRAL FORM 

Click on the CareGiver video to the left to learn more about Lyft


Join us to be the solution to the transportation crisis in MN.  Become a Lyft driver and help those in your own community.  ANYONE can be a Lyft driver.

As a driver with Lyft, you can be part of the solution to the transportation crisis in MN. ANYONE can be a Lyft driver and be of help those in your own community. 

Being a driver with Lyft means you get to control who and when you choose to give someone a ride. The people using this service are your own neighbors. 

The rides you provide allow people in your community the opportunity to have a safe and consistent ride that otherwise would not be available to them. 

  • You can choose to be a general driver and pick up anyone in need of a ride.
  • You get to make extra income doing something that makes a LIFE CHANGING difference to someone else.

The rides you will be providing will be allowing people in your community the opportunity to have a safe and consistent ride to a job, the store or a doctor’s visit that otherwise would not be available to them.

Click on the DRIVER video to the left to learn more about how sign up as a Lyft driver.  


Email Transportation@ConnectAbilityMN.org to speak with our transportation specialist.