“Muscle spasm!” I called out in frustration for anyone to hear.

My right hand had been working overtime and ached as if it had been intently gripping a pen for hours. I squeezed my hand and wiggled my fingers, hoping for relief.

“We can take as many breaks as you need. There’s no rush.” My spotter called from below.

“Ok!” I exhaled, holding my position while looking for my next move. “Where should I move next?”

“Do you see that green rock to your left?”

I looked over. A green hold was positioned nearly out of my reach. “Yes!?” I called down in disbelief.

“Good. Move there with your left foot.” Easier said than done. I began to stretch my left leg towards the side, but was quickly met with resistance as my muscles began to tighten. I looked up at my right hand, my usual assistant when my left leg needed some extra help. That’s not going to work. My right hand was pre-occupied, locked in a death-grip around a hold…. More tomorrow!