“I am Batman!” I called out in triumphal determination. I closed my eyes and pictured this summer’s blockbuster. I was resolved to press on just like Christian Bale as he pulled himself out of the Pit to freedom. Only a few more hurdles left.

“Ahh!” I grunted as I pulled my body up and over an outcropping in the wall. “Almost there!” I told my muscles between clenched teeth as they ached and shook in rebellion.

A cheer rose from the ground as my spotter and I worked as team to scale the wall.

“Good job Jenny!” His words carried me as much as my harness. As I repositioned my arms and legs to new heights, my spotter responded with an uplifting hoist. My muscles continued to throb and spasm

. “I am Batman!” I called out again, almost in defiance, trying to convince myself and my muscles of the ability to continue.

“You’re Batman!” Encouragement rose from underneath.

Looking up, I could finally see the top of the wall; a wooden picket fence lay ahead with a bell hanging from above.

“Grab the wooden bars and pull yourself up!”

I closed my eyes, picturing my final push to the top that had played in my mind on repeat over and over as June turned into July and suddenly transformed into August. With my last burst of energy, I gripped the bars and raised myself to the top! I rang the bell, signaling my victory for all its worth.