Have you ever wondered how ConnectAbility of MN’s referral process works? We had our Coordinated Services Support, Nasro, lay it all out for you.  

When ConnectAbility of MN receives referrals, the first thing we check is whether the referral is a renewal or new. This helps us assign donation opportunity owners later on. After this step, we search the client’s PMI in MNIT’s and the information that is needed to confirm the client’s current waiver matches that which is on the referral. 

After the client is confirmed, we search the client’s PMI on Salesforce and confirm that they are a current client of ConnectAbility of MN or if the client page will need to be made.  

If the client page is already created, we create a new D/O and select the record type. We then add all of the information that is listed on the referral, for example: the case manager’s information, service agreement county, and the close date which we always put as 01/01/1900 because this will change once we have the service agreement in place. 

After this is completed, we add the donation opportunity name, and move on to change the stage to “Referral Received.” From there we change the D/O owner according to what type of referral we receive whether it be a referral for renewing service or new services. We then proceed to add the referrals to the files section of the D/O. 

Finally, we email the case manager listed on the referral to confirm that we have received their referral.