Transportation Division Update

We have expanded our Transportation Division team by adding a new position on our Lyft Team. We are in the process of hiring now.   

This will allow our Lyft Team Coordinators to rotate between conducting Orientation/Training scheduled calls and processing the new expeditated onboarding.  

Chore Division Update

Our Chore team is also expanding! Our recently promoted Chore Services Lead, McKenna will be out of the office beginning in November as her family grows.   

We are adding a new team member to cover during McKenna’s leave and then that team member will stay on as a permanent Chore Services Coordinator just in time for snow season. 

Support Planning Starting in September

Starting in September, we are excited to begin offering Support Planning to clients and working with case managers on plans and budgets.  Sharon is ready to get started so we have availability on her case load! 

Learn more about Sharon, please read the article introducing her located in this edition. 

Offices Closed Friday, September 15th

September 15 our offices will be closed as our team will be coming together for the annual Blue Sky Day.   

This event allows our team to map out our 2024!  It is a great experience and time to really focus on what needs to happen to make the coming year even better. 

Hiring: IT/Donated Equipment Program Role

We have grown and with that comes a lot of computers!   

We are currently hiring an IT role that will also work with our Donated Equipment program.  If you know of anyone that might be interested, please let us know at 

Continuing to Streamline T2029 Billing Process

We continue to streamline and refine the T2029 billing process, Pass Through Purchasing.  We will adjust future quotes to reflect other billing code options within the definitions of MN DHS.  This will help expedite the billing process and allow faster services.  

One of those latest changes resulted from a conversation with a case manager in St. Louis County. We have added a couple extra fields on the referral form which allows us to better tailor the quotes to fit your client’s needs and budgets on the first try.  We love collaborating with our community partners!